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Memento Mori
But the Clouds
Ein See ist immer ganz in der Naehe
Biennale Photo de Mulhouse

but...the clouds / L'ATLAS DES NUAGES 2018

ENG : Since 2014, Anne Immelé has dispersed flags/clouds throughout the world according to a protocol establishing an exchange of images taken by the voluntary bearers of these flags travelling to other countries and the artist. During the exhibition L'ATLAS DES NUAGES (François Schneider Foundation/ curator Marie Terrieux), the photos received by the artist were revealed on this page from 23/06 to 30/09 2018

FR : Depuis 2014, Anne Immelé dissemine des drapeaux-nuages à travers le monde selon un protocole qui établit un échange d’images prises par les porteurs volontaires de ces drapeaux en voyage dans d’autres pays et l'artiste. A l'occasion de l'exposition l'ATLAS DES NUAGES (Fondation François Schneider / commissariat Marie Terrieux), les photos reçues par l'artiste sont dévoilées sur cette page du 23/06 au 30/09 2018

North Thailande, photo by Louise Mourey, august 15, 2018
Hong-Kong by Robert Cahen, 4 juillet 2015
Bamako, Mali, photo by Ange-Frédéric Koffi, January 2017
Tinos, Greece, photo by Robert Cahen, September 26 2016
Miami, USA photo by Marc Lathillière December 7, 2016
Andam, Nicobar Island, India, photo by Laura Martin, 2016
Strabourg, France, photo by Alexandra David, December 3, 2017
Okinawa, Japan, photo by Idy Po, March 5 2017
Great Wall of China by Carole Ecoffet, august 24 2015
Mexique, photo by Caroline Amadei, 2015
Ostende, Belgium, photo by Miriam Ruisseau, March 2015
Parc Gorki, Moscow, photo by Ivan Fayard, November 2016